Put up-pandemic Obon festivals carry Japanese tradition, meals and celebration to communities

For over five centuries, Japanese culture has celebrated the annual Buddhist holiday of Obon (お盆). During this traditionally three-day event, people honor their ancestors, whose spirits are believed to return to this world each year to visit their living relatives. Modern-day Obon celebrations are often associated with dancing, family reunions, and enjoying traditional foods. However, … Read more

A Recent Historical past of Lactose Intolerance

Six decades ago, Pedro Cuatrecasas, a young resident at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, observed a troubling pattern while studying the lives of impoverished Baltimore residents. Many of his Black patients reported a strong aversion to milk. Cuatrecasas, alarmed by the consistency of these complaints, suspected they were suffering from lactase deficiency, a condition that … Read more

What Residence Cooking Does That Eating places Can’t

As a professional food writer, I find joy and enlightenment in exploring new culinary experiences. Throughout my career and travels, I’ve had the pleasure of dining at some of the world’s best restaurants: Michelin-starred establishments in Florence, Italy; traditional bouchons in Lyon, France; and vibrant shawarma stands in Amman, Jordan. Yet, the most memorable meals … Read more

Diakomichalis’ cooking sequence ‘It’s All Greek to Me’ brings immigration tales to the desk

George Diakomichalis, the beloved pastry chef from South Australia’s acclaimed Kalymnos Pastries, has taken his culinary talents to national television with his new cooking series, “It’s All Greek to Me.” Originally starting as a YouTube series, Diakomichalis’ show caught the attention of Australian broadcaster Channel 9, which began airing it last month. The premiere episode … Read more

‘Tenderheart’ tells one Chinese language-Australian chef’s tales of household, meals, loss and pleasure

Hetty Lui McKinnon’s story begins with her father, a Chinese immigrant who found his livelihood in Australia’s wholesale fruit and vegetable trade. Her childhood was rich with fresh produce, a memory that has stayed with her through the years. McKinnon faced the profound loss of her father at just 15 years old. For years, she … Read more

Empowering refugees_ From Chad to El Salvador, WFP fires up clear cooking

In a small mud house in eastern Chad, Sudanese refugee Nadifa Ibrahim proudly brews a pot of robust local tea on her new gas cooker. Provided by the UNHCR, this simple addition has revolutionized her daily life. “It’s efficient and useful. We no longer risk harm when searching for firewood,” says Nadifa, originally from Darfur … Read more

The perfect cookbooks of 2023 up to now

Consolation and Joy Ravinder Bhogal, a renowned chef and food writer born in Kenya to Indian parents, discovered her passion for vegetables through her grandfather’s lush garden and the vibrant produce cultivated by local women. Her engaging vegetarian cookbook celebrates her belief that vegetables are the heart of the kitchen, offering endless possibilities. Bhogal, who … Read more